10 Must-Visit Destinations in USA (Top destinations in USA)

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Choosing a destination to visit in the United States can be overwhelming.  With 50 states, a federal district, five major territories and several minor islands, the options may seem endless.  The choices can be simplified once you determine the type of events and the overall style of vacation that you desire.  Below, in 3 major categories, are top destinations in USA that are well worth a visit.

So here are the top destinations in USA for any kind of a traveler.


The United States takes great pride in protecting and conserving their national parks, and many of these landscapes cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  Traveling to any of these destinations is sure to be a breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Yellowstone National Park

Located mostly in Wyoming (the edges of the park drift into Idaho and Montana), Yellowstone is a destination that is unreplicated.  When you visit Yellowstone you will be amazed by the landscape, which is unique due to its location on top of a volcanic hot spot.  The hot spot creates natural hot springs and geysers that turn the earth into seemingly unnatural colors and gives life to an extensive variety of flora and fauna.

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Yellowstone National Park

Be sure to visit the famous geyser “Old Faithful”, which erupts every 60-110 minutes, with the average wait time being around 74 minutes.  You can can a dip in many (not all) of the various hot springs, which are essentially naturally-formed spa baths.

A popular hot spring to swim in is the “Boiling River”, which is open from late summer until early spring.  Another desirable attraction is the Yellowstone River, where you can enjoy rafting, fishing, nature walks, and countless other activities.

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon stretches across almost 2000 square miles of Arizona.  While nobody knows the specifics on how the Grand Canyon formed, it is generally agreed that the Colorado River eroded this massive canyon over millions of years.  People travel from across the globe to visit this awesome sight. There are many ways to view the Grand Canyon.

You can hike from rim to rim, which takes an average of 5-7 days to complete, or you can choose one of the shorter trails, the shortest of which takes only about 30 minutes to hike.  The Grand Canyon can be explored on a rafting trip down the Colorado River, by vehicle along the Scenic Desert View Drive, or by horseback, mule, or bicycle along one of the many hiking trails.

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Grand Canyon National Park

Once you are done exploring the canyon, there are many other activities to do during your stay.  The Grand Canyon National Park offers programs with park rangers who share the history and science of the canyon.  There is also a nature center and a museum for visitors to enjoy.

Near the Grand Canyon lies the Tusayan Village, the remains of a Puebloan American Indian village, where you can see the ruins of a prehistoric people and learn about their existence. This is surely one of the top destinations in USA.

Aspen, Colorado

If the heat of the previous two destinations dissuade you, a visit to Aspen in the wintertime may be right up your alley.  Located in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Aspen offers endless cold-weather activities.  From skiing, snowmobiling and tubing, to relaxing at the spa or listening to live music at Wheeler Opera House, Aspen truly has something for everybody.  You could even enjoy a few days just sitting on your balcony, overlooking the rocky mountains with a good book and hot cocoa.

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Aspen, Colorado



Some of the cities in the United States are highly renowned.  Vast in both size and diversity (from the people to the landscapes), a trip to these US cities would be an experience that you will never forget.

Manhattan Island

One of the most-admired and also the part of top destinations in USA is Manhattan. Manhattan is a dream for visitors who want action, entertainment, and lots of sightseeing.  The Broadway Theatre is a major attraction, as is the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, the live performances and shopping in Times Square, the impressive art, history, and science museums, and the first-rate live music venues.

You can visit Little Italy or Chinatown, and even the New York Library is a destination worthy of vacation time!  Manhattan is a busy, and often crowded place, guaranteed to keep you entertained.  You will likely not have much relaxation…unless you decide to visit one of its lovely day-spas.

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Skyline of Manhattan


Washington, DC

The capital of the United States and a hub of political activity, Washington DC is a small city packed full of culturally significant monuments.    When planning your trip to DC, you should include a visit to the Smithsonian Museums.

There are currently 17 different Smithsonian museums.  Some of the most popular ones include the National Museum of American History and Culture, the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  A visit to the White House, where all of the American Presidents have lived, and a visit to the Lincoln Memorial are imperative to a well-rounded visit to DC.  But you can fill up on much more than political history in this city.

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The White House, Washington D.C.

DC houses an increasing number of unique bars, restaurants and theatres which visitors could spend weeks exploring.  After or in-between sightseeing, you can enjoy a play at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, the National Theatre, or experience both history and a show at Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

Miracle on Seventh street is a venue which regularly hosts pop-up bars.  In the past this venue has hosted popup bars with the following themes: the Royal Wedding, Holidays, Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things. If considering the entire list, this tops the list of top destinations in USA.


Las Vegas

You may be familiar with the phrase “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  Located in the state of Nevada’s Mojave Desert, Vegas is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States, and for good reason.

For those who enjoy nightlife, gambling, and unrestrained, endless shows and entertainment, Vegas is heaven on earth.  Also referred to as “Sin City”, Vegas centers around 24-hour casinos, cabaret shows,  strip clubs, and 24-hour liquor sales.

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Las Vegas, the party capital

Vegas centers around The Strip, which is a boulevard just over 4 miles long harboring themed hotels, elaborate displays, and impressive performance venues.  Vegas is similar to Manhattan, but if you visit both cities you will be able to feel the differences between American culture on the east coast and the west coast.


While many countries boast large and beautiful beaches, the United States also has a few sandy spaces worth visiting.  Below are some destinations that anyone could happily sink their toes into for a few sun-soaked days.


The Hawaiian Islands are home to countless alluring beaches, where you can choose between black, green, red, orange and white sandy beaches to relax at.  The three main islands are Maui, Kauai, and finally Oahu, which is home to the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Your time in Hawaii is best spent with your toes in the sand, but in case you tire of the beach, the islands hold many other enticing adventures.  You can visit Pearl Harbor, a historic American city with many museums and restaurants to enjoy, or you can see a lava show at Hawaii Volcano National Park, where you will see the volcano drool lava into the ocean and surrounding area – a truly mesmerizing experience.

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A beach in Hawaii

Another option is to hike down into a dormant volcano at Haleakala National Park. From late fall until late winter, you can go whale watching and see hundreds of humpback whales on their way back from migration.  Don’t forget to enjoy Hawaii’s culture with some hula and fire dancing!  This is a destination that does not disappoint.


Miami Beach

Anyone looking for top destinations in USA needs to come across the Miami Beach. Connected to mainland Miami by bridge, Miami Beach is a destination for visitors who want to simmer in the sun during the day, and party long into the night.  Although many families do enjoy visiting this location, Miami Beach is an ideal destination for young adults and couples.  You can visit South Beach, which houses many celebrity chef restaurants, and hot nightclubs.

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Miami Beach

Take a trip down Ocean drive and peruse the art deco historic district, where over 800 art deco buildings sit within one square mile.  You can spend days shopping and people-watching at the Lincoln Road Mall.  If you are interested in the less genteel aspects of Miami Beach, you can visit the World Erotic Art Museum.

Visitors who appreciate nature would enjoy exploring the 2.6 acre Botanical Gardens in between trips to the beach.


Outer Banks

For guests who truly desire a simple, relaxing vacation on a beautiful beach, there is a lesser-known beach called the Outer Banks.  These are a group of barrier islands off of the shores of North Carolina, and they are both tranquil and memorable. Most people dont visit this place as it is a lesser known area but we agree that this surely is one of the top destinations in USA.

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Outer Banks, USA

There are shipwreck locations that you can dive down to explore, wild (but friendly) horses who roam and live on the beaches, and state parks where you can further enjoy the nature in this friendly, relaxed destination.

Visit the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau to learn about the wildlife refuges that house seabirds and turtles, or climb one of the many lighthouses to enjoy a panoramic view of The Banks.  The absolute best thing to do, however, is to play in the waves and lay on the beach.


Cape Cod

Located on a peninsula in Massachusetts, Cape Cod is a beautiful, calm destination.  You can take a ferry ride to resort islands of Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, feast on delicious, fresh seafood from one of the many seafood shacks and restaurants along the waters edge, or explore the charming lighthouses and local villages.

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Cape Cod

During summer there are numerous festivals, races, tours and exhibitions available almost every week.  Cape Cod is very family-friendly place where you can enjoy the ocean without the influx of tourists that many other beach towns encounter.

No matter where you decide to travel, there will be endless sights and entertainment to satisfy your wanderlust. You can find relaxation, adventure, history or a party at any of the destinations mentioned.  The United States welcomes visitors and we hope to see you soon!

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