About Me!

Something New everyday? Is that possible?

Student. 20 and Single. These three things led me to Traveling and now Traveling is my the purpose of my life.

Being a student, its boring to stay in the class all the time and that is why i bunk and travel, hence Bunktravel came into existence.

Being 20, its time to fulfil the dreams I’ve been waiting for my entire childhood.

Being Single, I find my happiness in everything.

“Love the scenery, romance with the air, hug the mountains and kiss the tickets to your next destination. Cuddle with your backpack while you sleep in the bus, play with your life in a way that no one else has the courage to disappoint you about your life.”

-Anubhav Bhatt, My definition of love.



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One bag and thats it. This is my life!

I love traveling on a budget and this whole blog is about the same, how to travel in a budget but like a king! I love meeting new people, playing around with kids and clicking pictures.

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Have a Good time exploring my blog.

Love you all!

–Anubhav Bhatt, Awara Backpacker!