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North Indians living in South, here’s a gift for you. A perfect place for North Indian food in the middle of a South Indian city like Chennai. With the ambience and customs of typical Dhabas strewn in Delhi Highways, Babal da Punjabi Dhaba is an amazing choice for a tasty North Indian dinner.

Overall Rating:4.5/5

Food: As a north Indian restaurant, we ordered butter naan and butter chicken which is a perfect combination as they both go well with each other. We were served the butter naans with melted butter smoothly brushed over the surface of the Naan. The Mughal dish, butter chicken was well garnished with cream and coriander leaves. The gravy was a perfect blend of sweet cream and Indian spices. The food was beautifully dressed with seasonings without compromising on the taste.

Rating :4.5/5



Pricing: The cost of food compared to its quality is quite reasonable. Meal for two will approximately costs 800-1000 INR which is pretty sensible for a Dhaba given its location near the railway station, in the middle of the city.

Ratings :4.5/5

Ambience: The walls of the restaurant were adorned with beautiful portraits of 90s artists lending a look of a Classical Punjabi Dhaba. The place is a little congested as it can accommodate around 40-50 people with less space to move around. The Dhaba was well lit with an old school theme of 90s Music.

Ratings: 3.2/5



Service: The service provided was excellent. They had some great crowd management skills. The staff members seemed to be a happy go lucky kind, making them interactive and comfortable for the customers. The time taken for serving food maybe improved. Overall, the customers were treated to their satisfaction.


Must try: Butter naan, Butter chicken, Fish Amritsari

Address: Poonamallee High Road, Opposite to Abu Portico, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Opening time: 11:30AM-3:30PM(Morning)


Meal for two: 800-1200 ($15-$25)

Rush hours: Saturdays and Sundays are the most crowded. 8PM to 10PM is the Peak Time.

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Jagannath Majhi, Travel and Food blogger

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