Worried about the Night? Bangalore is the place for you.

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The Garden City of India, Bengaluru is an interesting combination of vintage and modern beauty. Over the years, the city has grown beyond one’s imagination making it the IT Hub and is also popularly called the Silicon Valley of India. Nightlife in Bengaluru is something beyond one’s imagination.

Apart from being a hub of IT professionals, it has exceptional nightlife scenarios. This city also houses some of the best party places to serve to the varied age groups of people.

As the sun goes down, this city opens its doors to the nightlife and believe me, it’s Stunning. The nightlife in Bangalore is just something one cannot miss.

Things to do at Night in Bengaluru:

From underground wavering holes to live karaoke’s to microbreweries to posh nightclubs, Bengaluru has it all!
While taking a trip to this Silicon city, you can go to a road trip once the sun sets, do camping under the clear sky, or can have a luxurious dinner, and if you are party freak then there a lot of pubs with the best floors for you to whirl on.

Night on the road:

The remarkable weather that surrounds Bengaluru and the regions surrounding it is perfect for you to indulge in a road trip. Misty air, open roads, speakers blazing your favorite music and maybe the company of your buddies cracking jokes. At the top of things to do a list of Bengaluru’s nightlife is to enjoy riding solo, and then there can’t be a company like an RE Bullet. You can rent a bullet for a day here, and set out on your own.
Here are the best picked up locations for road trips around Bengaluru within 100 km
To Ramanagara: 49 km
To Savandurga: 49 km
To Anthargange: 70 km
To Nandi Hills: 70 km

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Camping sites:

Overnight camping in Bengaluru can take you away from your stress and worries. It can provide you the perfect break that you need and will heal you. A really nice trip for solo as well as with family or friends, these are the top picks for overnight camping. Adventure activities in Bangalore have a special place for camping.
1. Manchinbele Dam – 40 km from Bengaluru.
2. Makalidurga – 51 km from Bengaluru.
3. Savandurga – 55 km from Bengaluru.
4. Ramanagara – 55 km from Bengaluru.
5. Kanakpura – 62.1 km from Bengaluru.

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Night trekking:

Another adventure activity in Bangalore includes Night trekking. An enriching experience that is guaranteed to revitalize your soul and fill you with a new passion for life. The thrill of trekking through the darkness gives you an adrenaline rush that watching a movie or a pub could never do. The serene around the night, the morning dew, and a magnificent sunrise from a hilltop cannot be compared to any materialistic thing.
Here are the places for night trekking in Bengaluru
1. Anthargange Night Trek: Distance from Bengaluru – 80 km
Difficulty level – Easy to Moderate
Best season – October to March
2. Kunti Betta Night Trek: Distance from Bengaluru – 125 km
Difficulty level – Easy to Moderate
Best season – October to May
3. Skandagiri Night Trek: Distance from Bengaluru – 68 km
Difficulty level – Moderate to Difficult
Best season – October to March

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Late Night Dining:

If you hear the rumbling sound of your stomach and you see the clock striking 1 AM at night, then you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of food shops open. You can satisfy your hunger with a lot tasty and spicy food. Top Restaurants in Bangalore serve a lot more than just food, they also serve experiences.

Late Night Open Food Points in Bengaluru:

1. Biryani Knights, South Bengaluru
2. Grab your food at the Sajjan Rao circle Eat Street
3. Empire Hotel, Infantry Road
4. Aniram’s Notty Cook, Indiranagar
5. Rasta Cafe, Mysore road

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PUBS: Party all night!

Pubs in Bangalore are a lot in number. If you are looking to spend a night dancing to the beat of the music, head to late night music pubs with dance floors. A contagious energy flows through the place. When you get tired of dancing, make your way to the lounge and enjoy the food and drinks.

Top PUBS in Bengaluru:

1. Monkey Bar: Address – 610, 12th main, Indiranagar
2. Watson’s: Address – Multiple outlets at Ulsoor, JP Nagar and Vasant Nagar
3. Toit: Address – 298, Namma Metro Pillar 62, 100 feet road, Indiranagar
4. Post brewpub: Address – 749, 10th main, 80 feet road, 4th block, Koramangala
5. Hard Rock Cafe: Address – St. Marks Road

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Moonlit Cinemas:

Movie showtimes? Movie theatres in Bangalore are somewhat special I have to say. The charm of being out in open on a starry night under as beautiful sky watching the movie with a cool breeze blowing is amazing. Watching a movie sitting on the lush green grass, with drinks, foods and friends is one of the best things you could possibly do in night in Bengaluru. You can book the tickets for this awesome experience at a farm in the outskirts of the city. Movies in Bangalore should not be missed my friend.
Address – Palace Grounds, Sadashiv Nagar, Bengaluru

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Is it safe out there at night?

Bengaluru is among the top safest cities in India. The police keep patrolling in almost all important streets of all corners of the city. If you are traveling with a trusty guide then there is no issue but don’t go wandering with a stranger at isolated places at odd hours unless he/she is a traveler. Overall, it is a safe place to visit.



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