The Ultimate list of best travel songs for any Road trip.

Traveling is fun.Right? Ofcourse it is. But there are times when you need that travel mood to actually travel. Without having that mood, your journey is only gonna be a Tour, not a Journey. Anyhow, to build up such mood, we use Music. Music perfectly crafted and tailored to focus on travel is perfect for any journey. Today, I bring you the best travel songs from my playlist that are gonna make you love traveling even more.

Good Life – G-Eazy and Kehlani

A perfect song about a perfect life by Kehlani and G-Eazy is gonna make you believe that Yes, there exists a better life. The music of this song is perfectly upbeat and is gonna motivate you furthermore to live a life of your choice.

Perfect Day – Holley Maher

This is my personal favourite and believe me, it doesn’t matter how sad or anxious you are, this song is gonna make a day perfect for you. The song is about how perfect today is and why one should love it the way it is.

Dan Bilzerian – T-Pain

The popular Instagrammer and playboy Dan Bilzerian has a song for himself. The song is about a rich and healthy life of luxury and fun and you are literally gonna love the music.

Hey Ma – J Balvin and Pitbull

Another hit from Fate of the furious, the song is shot in Havana and has Pitbull and J Malvin on vocals. The song is perfect for a sunny day, just plug your earphones in and enjoy whats around.

Life is a highway- Rascal Flatts

This song is gonna make the longest road short, the longest climb, shorter and the longest trip, the shortest. The song is about how life goes on and never stops and why one should love it the way it is.

Cruise, Florida Georgia Line

This is one fo the best sing alongs when with friends on a road trip. The music, the lyrics and the right placing of words makes this song one of the most joyous songs to listen to. 

Here I am, Bryan Adams

One of the bests of Bryan is Here I am that is a celebration of one’s being. Why one is special and unique in a way, the song takes you through a beautiful journey of your own life.

Shut Up and Drive – Rihanna

The song itself indicates its about a road trip, so just shut up and drive. The song for sure is gonna pump up your mood and you are gonna enjoy that road trip so much more.

Ridin’ – Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone

Just as you start feeling a little sleepy, play this song to pump your mood and give a boost to your energy. The song is about riding dirty and believe me, its gonna feel awesome to drive while listening to this. One of my favorites in best travel songs.

Paradise, ColdPlay

I dont think I need to describe this song as most of you might’ve already have this in your playlists. The song has just the right music to set the right mood during driving.

So these were my best travel songs for a Road trip, what are yours?
Tell us in the comments.

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