How to choose the right trekking shoes?

How to choose the right trekking shoes? Trekking is not a leisurely activity and we all know that. There are gonna be rough tracks, broken bridges, water or even the woods, so we gotta make sure our shoes survive all that.

When choosing a pair of shoes for trekking, one must definitely consider two things, One being the Toughness, other being the comfort. Weatherproofing and Price comes later.

Now there are a lot of different shoes from different brands and for different purposes. Our target here is to choose a pair of shoes from a good brand and for the purpose of trekking or lets say any adventure.

The best website, if considering quality material is Decathlon.

Decathlon is a sports equipment chain offering different things for different sports. Even I purchase all of my trekking and camping equipment from Decathlon.

Three Reasons for this are :

  1. They are of really Good Quality.
  2. Careful Home delivery
  3. The pricing is reasonable.

Recently, I bought a Quechua Arpenaz 2-person tent for camping and I have to say, it was way better than any of the tents I’ve purchased before.

Today, BunkTravel brings you the best of Trekking Shoes and will help you make the right decision as decided by our Travel Experts.

Lets look at how to choose the right shoes for trekking.


Trekking shoes need to be really tough as they have to face a lot of adventure that includes rough roads, broken bridges, water or even the woods. Your shoes should be really really tough and I’m not saying this, every travel expert around the world would say the same. The toughness of your shoes will determine the distance of your trip. When I say toughness, I’m talking about the sole and the side-body of that shoe. The sole must be the strongest as you’d be putting your entire weight on it. The side-body of your shoe must have a cover-up for waterproofing to avoid them from getting wet or you’ll have to make halts to let those dry up.


As said above, your shoes need to be weatherproof and especially waterproof. There are gonna be a lot of places where your shoes might get wet, to avoid making halts for drying up your shoes, get the waterproof ones. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a deserted area or going to the tropical rainforests, there are gonna be chances that your shoes might get wet. They can get wet because of small waterbodies, or a kid throwing water on you.


Aaahh….you cant walk a mile if you don’t feel comfortable wearing your shoes. After all, they are your biggest support for treks. People might not help you if you fall, but your shoes would always be there. Comfort is the most important factor when choosing shoes for a trek. Comfort means breathable fabric and a dynamic structure of the shoe.


If you are still concerned about how to choose the right trekking shoes? Here’s another factor. Not the most, but one of the important things we look or when buying new shoes. Pricing has to be reasonable and be aligned with the quality and comfort of the shoes. Anyhow, good trekking shoes range anywhere from INR 1200 to INR 3500 and above.

So these were the factors that you need to consider when buying new shoes for trekking.

So this was the answer to the question, how to choose the right trekking shoes.

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