Experiencing the Unseen : Dialogue in the Dark.

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Cool breeze, the sound of water hitting the shore, gentle particles touching your body tell you about where you are. So, you don’t definitely need your eyes to explore the world. Aesthetic beauty can only be seen whereas the sound, smell, taste, and touch can be felt. The dialogue in the dark takes to for an instance into the world of darkness to experience the life of blind. Life is much beyond what we see, Dialogue in the dark is with a new concept which gives you an experience of the life of blind in just 90 minutes. The dialogue in the dark works towards raising awareness for diversity and inclusion of people who are referred to as differently-abled. The experience helps us overcome false sympathy, prejudices, and stereotypes. In DARKNESS interest replaces ignorance and lack of understanding changes into empathy.


It is a part of Inorbit mall, one of the biggest and most famous malls in Hyderabad. Its just 10 minutes from JNTUH, near Mindspace, Hitech-city, Hyderabad.

You have cabs and auto-rickshaws available to reach the mall and they run frequently for only 50 INR.

Exhibition or Food?

Okay, both!

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The dialogue in the dark provides you a ride through the exhibition and also serves yummy food.

How exciting would it be to experience our daily life from a totally different perspective? The dialogue in the dark is an exciting journey of exploring daily environments and routines through the senses of touch, taste, smell, and sound. With the help of a white cane and a guide, you get a chance to explore the unseen, and learn to see in darkness.

As you travel through Dialogue in the dark exhibition, an invisible landscape emerges, composed out of sounds, scents, wind, and textures. In tours that last up to 90 minutes, you explore a park, a  city, embark on a boat ride and enjoy coffee and appetizers in a café and you do all of this under the supervision of a Guide who is an actual blind person.

The aroma of this place is deeply felt by you as you are now in a different world of senses. It is perfectly maintained with and the waiters and guides are very polite and sweet.

They take you to a completely new way of seeing the world with your touch, hearing, and smell.It puts you in everyday situations like- crossing the road, or going to the supermarket but in complete darkness, awakening your senses, and deepening self-awareness.

For gourmets, Dinner in the dark is the best place to enjoy the aroma and taste of food. To create a culinary journey that challenges your taste buds and table manners, blind waiters serve a surprise four-course meal in complete darkness. Desi combo, Italian combo, oriental combo, Indian Paratha meal, and beverages are all there for you to get the best of Tastes.

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Monday to Thursday- 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM     

                                         7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Friday to Sunday- 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM

                                 7:30 PM to 10:15 PM.


INR 599/-  Inclusive of GST for Food of Indian and Global Cuisines.


Overall rating:4.5/5

Food- 4/5




Suchitra, Travel Blogger and Student.

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