An Interview with Director Rajan Ji on How does traveling feel while directing?

Hola! This is Anubhav Bhatt, your favorite travel blogger and I’m here today to share some of the insights of the Interview of Director Rajan Ji about How does traveling feel while directing?
Director Rajan Ji is a director at Sangeet Unplugged fIlms(Facebook Page), one of its kind studio and also quite a popular Instagrammer. Today, we get to know him.

So we start with our first question.

How and why did you become a director?

Rajan Ji : Well, I did not have this figured out. As a child, I was always curious about everything. Literally, everything. When kids played with cars, I would get the motor out of that car and build some circuit.
I was that kid who loved experimenting. I loved video games and I always wondered about how beautifully were they made. My curiosity began to ask me questions. Questions like, HOW? WHY?
Years passed and my curiosity kept on increasing.
School got over and I thought of becoming an architect but then after some time, it wasn’t interesting to me anymore.
I started going to a college for the degree of and left it after the first year as for me it was just a waste of time. I tried working with computers, medicines and a lot of things.
This is when I realized I wanted to do something that required a lot of imagination and visualization. And that is when Cameras came into my life. Nobody ever taught me a thing about cameras. I would stay up all night trying to capture different things and I spent days in getting perfect at it.
Then I started making short videos of myself and then the journey to become a director began.
There was no Sangeet Unplugged Films in those days. There were sangeet unplugged productions and gradually it started gaining attention.
We started working more efficiently and creatively and this is how we got our very own Sangeet Unplugged Films.
And yes, I knew what I do captures my heart more than anything else in the world and this is how I became a Director. I wanted to shape lives with my pictures, my videos, in short, my work.

How tough is it to travel while directing?

Travelling is fun and lets you explore the uncharted horizons. Directing is also fun but when you have to travel and direct simultaneously, you have to be, for the lack of a better word, careful.
You have different types of equipment that are required for the shoot. You have to drive at odd hours to reach the destination in time for the shoot. Then there are days when you have to travel for days without any sleep which becomes difficult because one day you are in Chandigarh and the next day, you have a shoot in Rishikesh.There is not enough time to get a proper rest which makes the task further difficult, somehow. But at the end of the day, if your work is getting appreciation, it definitely feels great.

Do you ever get paid to Travel?

No, initially not. I didn’t get paid to travel.
But things are not the same now, traveling is paid now.

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What are the places you have been to and would like to go again?

Well, I have been to a lot of places. Every place has something which makes me want to visit that place again. Dhanaulti is a place I absolutely love. It feels like home there. Otherwise, every place has something and I wouldn’t mind going to all the places again.

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