Here’s why the Dubai Trip is a must for this Summer.

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Whenever we hear of Dubai, we remember Sheikh’s who are very rich and spend a lot on enjoyment. They have tigers or lions as pets, golden Ferraris and Lamborghinis, mansions and much more of luxury etc. Dubai is an Arab city  located in UAE. It is also the largest city as well as the economic capital of UAE. Indians have played a very important role in the development of UAE and constitute a total of 49% of UAE. Nowadays Dubai is concentrating on its tourism and has started to develop and promote it a lot by assigning Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood Actor as its brand ambassador. Dubai is connected to all the major destinations of India and there are cheaper flights for travel too. Dubai has more than 50 attractions to see but some must-visit destinations are –

1.Burj Khalifa –

Planning a Dubai trip? Imagine yourself at a height of 828 meters on highest building on the planet. The architecture of this incredible building is gonna amaze you, both the interiors as well as the exteriors. Burj Khalifa has restaurants, flats and a viewpoint for tourists too where visitors will be taken to the 124th floor and we can watch the entire Dubai city and adore the city ’s majestic architecture and its development. Next to Burj Khalifa is the world’s largest mall popularly called the Dubai Mall known for holding expensive items from trusted brands like Rado etc.
Taxis and Metro are available.

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2.Palm Jumeirah-

This is one of the major achievements in Manmade constructions where Man has constructed an artificial Island on the sea. This is in the shape of a Palm Tree where UAE has many palm trees all around and fun fact, this is also the world’s largest man-made island. This island has luxurious villas, hotels, restaurants, and ATLANTIS- hotel and aquarium too.In Atlantis, we can enjoy the beach, food in restaurants, water park and swimming with dolphins too. This is the best experience where you can get ever. If you have watched Furious 7 where all the actors are resting on a beach, it’s the ATLANTIS.
Taxis and Buses are available.

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3.Desert Safari-

Wanna be the Sultan of the desert, If Yes, this place is for you. Here, we will be received in the Arab Style by the hosts.Then we will be getting into 4 X 4 Off-road car and there’s gonna be dune bashing which is similar to a roller coaster ride on the sand. After 1hr of dune bashing, hosts will be taking us to the camps where we can enjoy camel rides, wearing traditional costumes of Arabs, enjoy the Arab tea and cuisine, at last, the Bellydancer will be waiting for us to give a send-off after her belly dance.
Tourist agencies will provide their vehicles to you.

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4. Dubai Museum-

UAE was formed in 1972, and at that time it was barren a land without economic resources where pearls, dates, and egg plants were first known. Arabs, after the discovery of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the visionary leaders led UAE to be the fastest growing nation.If you want to witness this history then just visit the incredible Dubai Museum, where we should adore the development of UAE and buy some souvenirs for our friends and relatives. Your Dubai trip is incomplete without witnessing the greatness of Dubai.
Taxis, Buses, and Boats are available for us.

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Dubai is a wonderful place for people looking to see the development of Mankind and the greatness of Arabs.



Mohit Varma, Travel Blogger.

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