Exploring the three Gems of Hyderabad : An interesting approach by BunkTravel.

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Places to see in Hyderabad? Why not find the Gems of Hyderabad instead. Hyderabad is a city with rich history and culture. It is unique with a combination of two cities, also called “Twin Cities”, namely Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Being the capital of Telangana state of India, Hyderabad is a hometown of various cultures and traditions across India as it is a meeting ground between the north and south of India. Hyderabad’s epithets include the city of pearls, City of Nawabs, City of Biryanis and, because of its hi-tech draw, Cyberabad.

Birla Mandir:

Built on a hillock almost 85m high is this Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. It was built with a whopping 2000 tonnes of white marble which was brought from Rajasthan. The temple manifests a blend of Rajasthani, Dravidian and Utkala architectures. Apart from being a spiritual temple having few more shrines, it gives a scenic view of the city which makes it even more special.

Pedamma temple:

Found at jubilee hills is the most famous and sentimental place of worship, Pedamma Temple. People strongly believe in the strength of this Goddess and she is worshipped by everyone before starting anything as a belief of good-luck.



Charminar is a monument and mosque with laad bazaar on the left and mecca masjid to the south. It is a shopping market famous for bangles and ornaments. There is also a Bhagyalakshmi temple located at the base of one Minar. Many festivals like Ramzan and Eid are celebrated with great ease here.


Other than these, Visiting Necklace road in the morning will give you an essence of peace and it also makes a perfect place for jogging and walking. Hussain Sagar adjacent to this road gives it a special place in heart of anyone visiting this place. It’s an amazing boulevard with lights in the evening which becomes a hotspot for munching Street food. Talking about the Food of Hyderabad, check out Hyderabadi Cuisine.

If you are seriously interested in exploring Mughal and Indian Culture together, there is no choice better than Hyderabad.

Comment your favorite place out of these three gems.

Cost: 10,000-12,000 per head for 3-5 days.

How to Reach: Flights from New Delhi, Trains from Visakhapatnam and Buses from other nearby cities run on a regular basis.

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