Living by the Sea : Jatin Modak’s Goa Trip Experience!

goa trip experience

Wanna know the places to see in Goa? Known for Parties and Drinks, Goa is not just that. Today, I reveal the insider story of my Goa Trip Experience. We all call Goa “the party capital of India” but let me tell you, it’s not just about parties. I’m gonna narrate that legendary trip in five levels. How can you make a Goa trip experience memorable in five levels? Keep reading.

My Goa Trip Experience

There is no fun of mixing things and confusing you when it comes to telling you about the best place to travel for fun. We all know that Goa is all fun and parties but to know it deeply, here is my story about the unusual trip to Goa.

Level One: Making the Plan

It was one day when I and my friends were discussing something and all of a sudden, one of my friends jumped up saying “ Should we visit Goa?”.
Just like every other travel plan, I thought this was gonna be dropped too.
I said, “Hey, this is gonna be dropped so why waste time thinking about it.”
But by the time I said that a WhatsApp group focused on the Goa Trip was already made.
Now this is where the fun starts, the group was made and for the first few days, like a candle, it was on fire. And after a week, the intensity of messages came down and that’s when it hit me like “ What? Well, that was for sure to go down. After all, it’s a Goa plan, one of the most failed plans of Indian youth after Ladakh.”
So here we were with a plan but with no plan or should I say a Plan plan? Well, that’s just confusing. Let me Simplify: We had a Plan for a Plan but the Plan was unplanned. If you didn’t get it? Follow me on Instagram to understand what am I saying.

Level Two: The Indian Society

Then came LEVEL TWO, handling an Indian Family. 3 places, Goa, Bangkok, and Ladakh are the No Entry zones according to the Indian Families. The same thing happened to me when I revealed this plan to my family.
They had the same look on their faces that I had before my class 10th results.
But they agreed after giving me a set of rules and regulations, also called the Family Constitution or Sanskars.

Level Three: Head-out

Now we headed for this legendary trip that was gonna completely change my perspective about Goa. The road trip to Goa could be very confusing and delay because of Indian Traffic on those roads, so we chose to go through Railways.
One of the greatest pleasures while traveling with Indian railways is that you get to meet a lot of people in between. And if by chance you land a seat in Sleeper Class, get ready to make a new family there.

Level Four: Expectations Vs Reality

One of the first things we do when we plan a trip is to do a quick Google search as “places to see in Goa” or whatever your place is. We did that and we reached Goa, we stayed at a Nice simple Hotel near to the Calangute Beach and we were very excited to go out and see everyone partying, opening the bottles of beer and all that. We were excited about the places to see in Goa.
But what I saw there completely changed my perspective about Goa.
It was silent and the sea was just exotic blue with nothing on it for miles. It was one of the best and most peaceful moments for me to be there at that time looking at those slow waves slightly moving towards me like a toddler walks.
The sea line was empty with only a few people and that’s where I noticed a great thing about Humanity and Travel, in fact, I noticed a Connection.

Level Five: Discovering the Greatest truth of life.

Rich or Poor, Stronger or weaker, everybody there was enjoying the beach as much as the person next to them irrespective of any discrimination. That was one of the best things I found out on this journey, that traveling together actually brings people closer and makes them forget the boundaries of society.
This was one of the times where I felt free from the world, free from the city experiencing what being a human means. It was a time when I discovered the very core of my being by the people I was seeing.
This became a moment of undefined and undeniable happiness.
This trip became a life-changing trip for me and that’s the reason I am what I am today. My desperate love for Nature, love for people rose from this incident. So if you plan to visit Goa, don’t just go to the places to see in Goa, go for the experiences you can have here.
I suggest people looking for a peaceful trip should head to Goa and have their own Goa Trip Experience. That is a place of intense happiness and inner discovery. To learn more about making a low-budget trip, Read this Planning a Budget-trip.

This is Jatin Modak (@trippy_nomad) from Instagram and a friend of Anubhav’s.
Thank you, dear readers, for reading my Goa trip experience with Me!

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