1 most effective way to cure Depression – And its FREE!

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How to beat depression? How to cure depression? Why traveling is good for health? I know I shouldn’t be the one answering these questions because I’m a travel blogger but today, I will. I’ll answer these questions today because the ultimate answer to all these questions is: TRAVEL!

How to cure Depression? Lets know what is it first.

Depression is the leading cause of life loss among teenagers and is one of the greatest risks to human life because of its insidious form. It is slow and unpredictable and that is what gets more people into it. They confuse depression with sadness and hence ignore it. How to beat depression is a whole another thing, let’s discuss the common signs of depression.

Common Signs of Depression:

The most common signs of depression are :
Mood Swings
Excess sleep
Body pain
Excessive crying and emotional breakdown
Lack of concentration
Weight gain/loss

Although one in every three people are in depression these days and now is the time we end this by using one the greatest ways to beating Depression that is traveling. How to beat depression is one of the hottest topics around the world and it needs to be addressed. Before getting into how to beat depression, one should know what is a cause of that depression.

Causes of Depression:

How to cure depression if you don’t know what is the cause of it. There can be a lot of causes of depression but one most important of all is Stress.

The world of today and the world 200 years back would never have been the same. Today’s world houses a lot of work and stress which makes people cross their limits and get into depression.

Think of a human like a pressure cooker, it is made for a limited amount of pressure and when it exceeds, you know what happens.

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How is Traveling good for health?

Why is Traveling good for health?
First of all, If you are a traveler, I don’t think so you need an answer to this. In case, you are not a traveler, here’s an answer for you.

The only answer to how to cure for depression, according to my personal experiences is TRAVEL. Traveling, by far is the best and the easiest way to stay happy all the time. I don’t think so I’ve ever seen a traveler sad on any journey.

I meet a lot of travelers on the trips and discuss my life with them and learn about theirs and never have I ever heard pain from anyone.

Traveling is a very natural thing that us humans have been doing since the beginning of mankind. Earlier, the humans used to travel to far locations by foot and found it really amusing. Today, we have a lot of transport options that have made our journeys easy and less time-consuming.

Traveling makes one escape the reality and his regular life and get into something that is more amazing, beautiful and full of good people.

Traveling allows one to experience the unexplored territories and makes one more independent towards life. If you wanna beat depression, beat it the right way.

Traveling is my only answer to sadness and believe it, you’ve gotta try it too.

How Can Travel cure DEPRESSION?

To put it into simple words, Depression is a state of constant sadness and the only way this sadness can be killed is through exciting things.
Traveling is one of the most exciting things one has to have in his/her life.

When we travel, there are generally two kinds of places we visit
Peaceful places, somewhere where there is absolute silence and very few people around.
Crowded Places, somewhere with people all around partying and having fun with a great crowd.

For people in depression, peaceful places are like Heaven. If you are at a place where there is absolute silence and very few people, your mind goes into deep thoughts and your brain actually starts exploring whats inside of you.

This is how people find out who they really are. The loudest questions of life are often answered in absolute silence.

Some of the top places to find peace are :

1. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

This town in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh is a treat to the eyes and believe it or not, once you reach here, going back is gonna be tough. It is so silent and beautiful that one can keep looking at the sky all day and night with no one to interrupt.

Ideal For: Backpackers and Couples.
When to plan: May-July will be the best time to visit Kasol.
Ideal Duration: 4 days for a rejuvenating vacation.

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2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is the origin of Hindu belief of Bhakti(Devotion) with River Ganges cutting through it. Rishikesh is also known for its adventure sports like Bungee Jumping and River Rafting. But more than Adventure Sports, what impressed me was the absolute peace I found there sitting next to the Holy Ganges. It was just like I was in a different world with very few humans around. It was like its just me and my soul, for the first time, spending time together. This is one of m favorite places to find peace.

Ideal For: People looking to find themselves.
When to plan: October to January is gonna be the best time to find a pleasant weather.
Ideal Duration: 6 days for a peaceful vacation.

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3. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Experience the best of Rajasthani Culture while exploring the city of lakes with so much to learn. Udaipur, I have to say is one of the destinations that I’d never miss if I’m in or around Rajasthan. I love this place because it is just so quiet and peaceful to sit next to the lake and watch the sunset. It’s like the greatest formation of Nature taking place right in front of me.

Ideal For: People looking to explore the unexplored streets.
When to plan: November to February is the perfect time for Udaipur.
Ideal Duration: 3 days for a peaceful vacation.

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4. Munnar, Kerala

If all you wanna see is Tea plantations, a few humble people, and clear skies, Munnar is the place for you. Munnar truly is a place especially for people looking for some time alone. One can experience a sense of bliss in this place while exploring the villages around. If I’m writing about places to find peace and I don’t mention Munnar, you have all the rights to hate me.
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Ideal For: People looking to experience Nature at its best.
When to plan: December to March is the perfect time to explore Munnar.
Ideal Duration: 3 days for a peaceful vacation.

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5. Leh, Ladakh

There’s nothing better than getting Leh’d this time. Get a bike and take a memorable road trip to Leh and you’ll have a thousand stories to tell for your entire life. During the entire journey, I promise, there is not one moment that is gonna be boring. From changing sceneries to forests to high-altitude mountains, Leh has everything you need.
If still not satisfied, also check out Spiti Valley which is closer to Leh in the same region through Kaza. Its probably the best route one can imagine.
Trust me on this one. You would never ask again about how to cure depression if you just see what Ladakh is.

Ideal For: People looking to have one greatest experience of life.
When to plan: May-July is best for Ladakh.
Ideal Duration: 11-14 days for a thrilling vacation.

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In case, you are the kind of a person who hates peace and silence and wants to have fun with a bunch of people. Then here’s the list for you.

Top places to party in India:

1. Goa

There’s no way I’m gonna miss out on this one. Goa is the official party capital of India that attracts a large number of domestic as well as international travelers. Goa has everything one needs. From Goan Food to White sand Beaches to beautiful architecture, Goa has everything anyone would desire for. Use Goa on your side when it is about how to cure depression.

Ideal For: People looking to party with strangers, get drunk and of course, get laid.
When to plan: November-January is best for Goa. New Year is possibly the best time.
Ideal Duration: 4 days for a fun vacation.

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2. Bangalore

This city is forever-young and has everything you need for your party night. The nightlife in Bangalore is very different from other cities and Bangalore particularly offers the best pubs in the country. The city also offers some splendid architecture to witness and people to celebrate with.

Ideal For: People looking to explore the nightlife.
When to plan: October-January might be well for Bangalore
Ideal Duration: 5 days for a unique vacation.

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3. Mumbai

The city that never sleeps is the answer to your insomnia. Mumbai is one of the greatest cities in India to party and believe it or not, it is one of my personal favorites. The city portrays the culture of Maharashtra, the use of beautiful Marathi language as well as the nightlife one would die for. Mumbai can truly be the answer to how to cure depression.

Ideal For: People looking to explore the nightlife.
When to plan: October-January might be well for Bangalore
Ideal Duration: 5 days for a unique vacation.

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4. Hyderabad

The city that houses the best of Mughal culture and architecture is your perfect getaway to party. Try the Spicy Kebabs or Hyderabadi dum biryani, dance at pubs, explore the city’s nightlife and do whatever you want, nobody will stop you.
Hyderabad is one of my favorite places when it comes to partying.
Hyderabad and its culture can be an effective way to beat depression.

Ideal For: People looking to explore the history while enjoying the present.
When to plan: August-October is the perfect rainy season in Hyderabad.
Ideal Duration: 3 days for a unique vacation.

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5. Pondicherry

French-styled cafe’s, edge-to-edge beautiful architecture and white sand beaches with a couple of beers. How does that sound? Sounds perfect.Right?
That is what Pondicherry or Puducherry is. If you are a fan of beauty and you appreciate the creation of humans, Pondicherry has everything you would need. How to cure depression is not even the question here, the question is how much can you explore.

Ideal For: People looking to explore the French culture and architecture while chilling out next to the beach.
When to plan: April-June and August-October are the best times.
Ideal Duration: 4 days for a unique vacation.

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Hope you liked the article.
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