How to Pack for a trip in a more Organised Way.

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You have the plan ready, your friends are waiting at your doorstep, Cool. Thats when you realise you cant pack everything you wanted to take on that trip. Packing is one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to travelling. It can be tough even for the people who travel on a regular basis. Its because they know how to travel but they are yet to know the right way of packing things up. So how to pack?

Today I’m gonna share some of the best tips from our Travel Experts on how to pack.

Whether it is for a weekend or a month-long backpacking, these tips are definitely gonna help you.

 1. Using Storage Cubes

Storages Cubes or Storage pouches are very cheap but very useful. They are generally used for organising things up in your backpack. 3-4 Pouches can be used to pack up things like inner wear, t-shirts etc so whenever you want, you can just pull out a pouch and get your stuff on the hand.

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2.  How to pack? Roll up, Stuff down.

This is perhaps one of the best ways of packing when you’ve got a lot to pack but in much less space. What we do here is that we roll up our clothes like t-shirts, jeans etc to fit more into our bag than we’d normally do.

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3. List it down.

I bet most of us don’t do this while packing but it is very important. 42% of people take more than they return with. Some of their stuff gets lost, while some of their stuff is left at the hotel. To avoid this, I insist one to make a clear list of whatever you are packing in, so when you return, you know what you took and with what did you come back. Here’s a list of Travel Essentials you might be interested in.

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4. More of light, Less of weight.

When packing, one important thing to consider is pack more of lightweight stuff and less of heavyweight. It is very very important when going for a long trip. Light stuff like t-shirts can be stuffed more and you can avoid putting in a jacket. If it gets cold, you can wear multiple layers of t-shirts.

5. Getting the right bag for the right trip.

Usually 55L bags are used for trips lasting from 3 days to 9 days whereas if we go to 65L, they can be used for trips lasting from 10-20 days. If we come to 75L, they are pretty good for a month-long trip. The problem with most travellers is that they don’t take the right bag for the right trip and end up either packing very less or too much. It should be understood that different sizes of bags are available for different types of trips.

6. Packing the needs, not the wants.

Here, its not about how to pack, its about what to pack. Most often, travellers pack up things they might never need on that trip. It is important to understand that the things you are packing up right now, can also be purchased during your trip. The Biggest mistake they do is packing up food items like biscuits, chips etc. Are you kidding me? You can get that on your way so why stuff up your bag with this stuff.

I understand it is important to keep some food with you just in case you get stuck somewhere, but it should be the right food you keep. You can keep an energy bar or possibly some fruits. This would save you a lot of space and would help you stay energetic all day long. Here’s how you can save a lot of money through other ways by Travelling on a Shoestring Budget.

7. Using the Pockets.

Now this is something most of us do but I’d also like to tell you that most of the beginners never use the pockets on their bag. They instead keep all the stuff inside their rucksack and end up making it a burger. I strongly suggest one to use the pockets given on his/her rucksack as the separate storage pouches to organise things differently. Keep your lite food separately in one pocket and keep your inner wear in the other pocket to stay more organised during your trip. Hope now you know how to pack.

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Anubhav Bhatt, Travel Blogger.

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