Top Indian places where you can start a new life.

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A lot of people have this interesting thought of starting a new life in a new place with everything from beginning again. This kind of seems like a movie but you can actually start a new life just by changing the place you’ve been living in.
Places where you can start a new life? I’m gonna answer that question today.

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Dharamshala is the second winter capital of Himachal Pradesh. It was formerly known as Bhagsu and is also very famous for Dalai Lama’s residence. Dharamshala was chosen as one of the 100 cities under the Smart City project by the Indian PM Narendra Modi. It is around 18kms from Kangra district and is reachable by Bus.
McLeodganj is another great place close to Dharamsala where you can live a life of a monk because of a large Tibetan population and beautiful landscapes. You can find a cheap house here and even the people here are very friendly, so that’s not gonna cause any problem to you while you start your new life.

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Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is the second most famous heritage hub of Rajasthan after Jaipur that holds a great place in Mewar history. This place has everything you need to start a new life. There are very generous people who help you, there are magnificent lakes out there to have a look at from your new terrace and above all, living in Udaipur means there are gonna be a lot of tourists coming and going and you can meet them. You know it feels good to mix up with different cultures and people.

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Pelling, Sikkim.

Pelling is a small hill town based in West Sikkim. The amazing thing about Selling is that it is based at an elevation of 7200 ft. Reaching Pelling is easy as it is just 36kms from Gangtok. There is a Regular bus service that runs from Gangtok to Pelling. Often, the trekkers looking for peace come here for trekking. The great thing about Pelling is that it is away from the city and is a very peaceful town.

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Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Based on the western ghats, Lonavala is a small town and hill station perfect for people looking for a hideout from the world. It is around 64kms from Pune and is one of the greatest places to visit in Maharashtra. It is popular for production of hard candy called Chikki, which is one of the best delicacies of Indian cuisine. INS Shivaji, the Indian Navy’s premier training institute is also based there just in case you are looking for a patriotic feel.

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Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

This popular hideout and adventure hub is based in Uttarakhand roughly 53kms from Haridwar, the holy city. Rishikesh is perfect for people looking to start a new life away from the city somewhere between mountains, forests and the Holy Ganges. If you just sit next to the holy Ganges and watch it flow early in the morning, I’m sure you are gonna fall in love with the simplest form of nature. Starting a new life here is my best advice.

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Spiti Valley, Ladakh.

The legendary camping spot in Ladakh has everything from starry nights to shining mornings. This valley is so far the most peaceful place you can find in the Ladakh region after the Nubra Valley. Spiti Valley is known to have some of the oldest monasteries and the landscapes it offers are just cannot be described in words.
Spiti valley is largely disconnected from the city so you can expect kind of a simple and happy village life. This is the most important place when it comes to Places where you can start a new life.

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Araku. Andhra Pradesh.

Another Valley on the Eastern Ghats located roughly 110kms from Visakhapatnam is known for its Coffee Plantations and pleasantly beautiful weather. Starting a new life here in Araku is gonna cost you very less and you can live a far more satisfactory life than you would’ve lived in the City.

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Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu.

This place is the one mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana where Lord Rama with his army built a 30kms long manmade bridge on the sea. Rameshwaram is simply based in the lap of God, and if you are looking for a place to rediscover your spiritual being, then Rameshwaram for you is heaven!

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You know that Goa is Popular for being called a Party place but believe me, it is nothing like that. Goa is a very very peaceful place aligned to the mighty ocean on one side and beautiful streets on the other. The Holiday street in Goa would be the best place to start a new life as it is close to the beach as well as the market. Goa is a brilliant place for people looking for a change.

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How can I forget the most beautiful part of Hinduism? Varanasi is the oldest city in the world holding the holy Ganges on her as the most important Hindu site. The people of Varanasi are actually very friendly and love to have fun, make jokes and take you around. Imagine yourself sitting around one of the ghats and watching the mighty Ganga Aarti. Banarasi Pan is the local and possibly the most famous snack of Varanasi and I believe you should definitely try it out.

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