Kunzum Travel Café : Everything a traveler has ever wanted.

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In the mid of a busy lane of Delhi, a small, quiet café crowded with the travel stories of people all over the world. How does it sound? Doesn’t it sound like some kind of heaven? This is all about the Kunzum Travel Cafe. The perfect destination to not just hear travel stories, but to tell yours and make future travel plans.


Do you have a travel wish or a dream destination you wanted to travel from I don’t know how many years? Obviously yes, right? Then take a pen and a paper, scribble it down and pin it to the bulletin board of the Kunzum Travel Cafe.

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And yes, don’t forget to scribble down your experiences in the journals of the Café. You never know when your story motivates someone to board the flight of their dreams. And at the same time you have the pleasure to explore places from people’s eyes. The journals of the café have beautiful stories. You can explore places by just sitting there.

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What else one can wish for when you have a good book with a cup of coffee or tea in a soothing environment. And yes with a light music if you wish. They have a very good collection of travel books and magazines. Even you can bring yours and spend as much time as you wish. They serve delicious coffee with cookies. You can even just sit there and do nothing. No one will kick you out.

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And yes, here is a treat for you “FREE WIFI”.


Would you like to enjoy some photography? The walls of café are adorned by mesmerizing photographs in big frames taken by Ajay Jain (the founder of The Kunzum Travel Café) in Assam, Ladakh, Nepal, Kashmir and may more places.

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And if you love to doodle, they facilitate you with canvas, pens and brushes. You can have a good time doodling your fantasies. They have a board for all the sketches to hang there. Your sketch can be one to be displayed on the board.

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Kunzum also organizes various events and workshops some independently and some with other communities.  Events like open mic, gathering of travelers from all over the world to share stories and make new travel partners. You can also enjoy music bands live. Events and workshops usually happen on weekends.


Yes! You read right. I am not kidding.

You can enjoy coffee, tea, cookies, books, journals, music and what not and then pay what you like. No one is going to force you to buy something. Isn’t this is like “What seriously?” But yeah it’s true. It’s a treat man.

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It’s near the entrance of the Hauz Khas Fort in Hauz Khas Village, South Delhi.

Nearest metro station to Hauz Khas Village is Green Park.

TIMINGS: 11:00 AM – 07:30 PM; Tuesday – Saturday


After making some travel plans, don’t forget to celebrate them with some food and drinks in the restaurants of the Hauz Khas Village.

Thank You!

Ridhima Gaba, Intern Travel Blogger.

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