A Doctor’s Journey to the Himalayas – Interviewing Dr.Ipsa Shah

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It’s Anubhav back again and today with a very unusual travel story of a Doctor!

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Being a doctor is no easy job. Today, BunkTravel brings you the story of a doctor who went from curing bodies to curing her own soul. We interviewed Dr.Ipsa Shah, a physiologist and fashion blogger by profession who shared her life-changing travel story with us.

Let’s look into it!

From ground to the mountains, from doctor to a trekker, this is how Dr.Ipsa Shah changed her life.
“ Being a doctor and that too a woman, you don’t get time and freedom to do the things you like and that was the same condition with me. Coming from an Indian family, it was tough for me to take a solo trip ever because they wouldn’t allow.

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Somehow, because of God’s grace and some surprising turn of events, I got some time to go for a trip. Of course, it wasn’t solo, but it wasn’t with my family too, it was with my friends. A journey with friends is never exhausting, it’s always energetic, beautiful and funny at the same time.
Imagine yourself sitting somewhere in the mountains and taking a sip of hot coffee while discussing your childhood stories with your friends. Isn’t it amazing!

The Great Escape….

So I finally got that chance and left my home for a manali trek in Himachal Pradesh.
Living in a city limits you to only seeing people and cars every day whereas once you escape this zone, you can see a lot more India has to offer.

I never thought that just mountains would fascinate me to this level but they did. For people living the city life, don’t go to these bars and lounges to relax, head to a hill station and it doesn’t only have to be Manali or Shimla or Darjeeling, you can go beyond these.

Entering the Himalayas…

My journey was a manali trek and surrounding areas and I just can’t describe it in words how beautiful something can be. Something as simple as a tree or as simple as a little hill can be very very fascinating when at that altitude.

The market in Manali is a great place for people looking to buy some souvenirs for their friends and family. Buy the stuff that is completely Himachali and you’ll see how it feels when you come back home.
I always take souvenirs because when I look at them later, I can recall the whole trip as I’m doing right now.

For youngsters looking to explore the Himalayan Region, don’t miss out on Ladakh if you go to Manali. Manali-Leh trip is a well-known and widely demanded trip by the Indian Youth.
For families, a trip to Manali and Kasol would fulfill their deepest of souls.
For backpackers, I don’t need to tell you where to go, your backpack, your path, and your journey. Go for it!

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