Here’s how you can mix up with different Cultures and People.

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How to mix up with cultures? Consider this a guide to socialising or a guide to talk to people but this is really gonna help you. Mixing up with cultures is one of the first things I do whenever I reach a destination because you cannot experience a place any good without knowing the locals first and their culture and beliefs. Most of the tourists make this big mistake of not mixing up with people because either they are shy or they think they can explore better on their own. But a traveler never makes this mistake, a traveler very well understands the significance of knowing the locals and the fun in mixing up with their cultures. If you don’t know the difference between a traveler and a tourist, Read this.

So today, I’m gonna tell you 5 tricks through which you will get to know the locals as well as enjoy their cultures and beliefs.

A smile makes the magic happen.

Have you ever smiled at random people and saw their face light up. Exactly! Do you know, according to a psychological research, a smile can make a person’s day. When you are traveling and you see random people, just give them a quick smile and you’ll see how happy they’d be. A smile is also a sign of welcoming someone that loosely translates to “Hey, I like you and would like to know more about you.”

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Just asking is enough.

What did you do when you were a child and wanted something from your father? You just asked.Right? That is what you have to do when traveling and in need of something. When I need something during my trip, whether it is water, fuel or a stay for a night just in case my tent flew away, I just ask. When you ask people, there is 85% of a chance they are gonna say YES. Its because helping each other is a natural human behavior and it makes them do that. Plus, helping someone also gives a sense of satisfaction to the other person.

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Your help matters.

Just taking help and not giving anything in return is not good. If someone helps you, you should not reply by saying “Thank You” but you should say “Thank you, is there any way I can help you.”
When you say this, the other person realizes that you are not a selfish but a nice and loving person. This creates some respect for you in that person’s mind. I remember the time I was going through a village and I just helped a woman pick up a heavy sack and she asked me about where was I going and I still remember, it was around 2 PM noon so she offered me to come to her home and have lunch with her children.

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 Your excitement defines your involvement.

I’ve seen a lot of tourists indulge in cultural activities of a place and then not enjoying it.It really turns down the excitement of the locals as they feel very bad that you are not enjoying what they are offering. One of the greatest things to do when you wanna involve in their culture is that show that you are enjoying it whether by your expressions, words or actions. When you show your levels of excitement, the people go for more involvement which means they’ll show you around more than they show to normal tourists because you are enjoying it. This is one of the major points when it comes to how to mix up with different cultures.

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 Local Tourism Clubs

Be a part of local tourism clubs to enjoy the best of a travel. What these clubs do is very simple, they engage you with the locals and give them the opportunity to host you, kind of like Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is also a great option to consider if you really like mixing up with people. Use to explore opportunities to find a host.

So this is how you can mix up with different people of different cultures and enjoy your tour really well. One of the greatest things about mixing up is you really get to know how good people can be.

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Anubhav Bhatt, Travel blogger.

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