MahaShivratri in the Pink City : Moti Dungri Temple

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Almost everybody knows that Jaipur holds a greater place in Rajasthan because of its rich historical places, deep culture and prosperous heritage. But apart from this, the religious places in Jaipur also attract tourists as each of those temples hold their own unique story behind them.


An aerial view of the city

On the occasion of MahaShivratri, thousands of devotees go to visit the oldest Moti Dungri Shiv Temple situated in the heart of Pink City which is opened for visitors once a year . It is one of the best examples of Indian architecture and Indian Spirituality.


This Temple is located on the top of a small hill called Moti Dungri . Moti means Pearl and Dungri mean small hill and therefore the name Moti Dungri symbolizes a pearl hill which is truly depicted by its look of a Drop of Pearl. The temple is located in the Moti Dungri palace which is the private property of ex-rulers of Jaipur. The fort was called as Shankargarh. Sawai Man Singh II renovated the fort to resemble a Scottish Castle.



It is said that the statues of Parvati and her son Ganesha were also established with Lord Shiva, but after some time their statues were just disappeared all of a sudden. Again the statues were established, which later again disappeared in a weird way. After that nobody again dared to set up any idols in the temple.


Now only Lord Shiva is worshipped and devotes come in huge amount to vow & take blessings on Maha Shivratri .Also, this fort includes two temples. One is dedicated to Lord Ganesha which is at the foothills and other to Lord Lakshmi Narayan(known as Birla temple). These two temples are the tourist attractions of Jaipur.


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