Namrata Vedi and her Journey to the Wild : A Fun Talk!

India, Mother, and a Photographer. These three things are kind of very different from each other. Right? One can’t even imagine the three of them together. Well, where imagination stops, Namrata began her Journey, a journey to the wilds of Ranthambore.

Namrata Vedi is an Indian, a MOTHER and a Photographer who loves traveling. She is the founder of two very popular Instagram Communities namely @fhotosthatspeak and @womendiariez and with this, with all this, she also works in an Insurance Company. She was also listed in Top 100 passionate photographers in the world.

How can someone do all this at the same time? Being a mother, doing photography, working in an Insurance company and running two Instagram Communities, this is the story of Wonder woman Namrata Vedi.

Entering the Wild…

“One of my most memorable trips was to Ranthambore with my 7-year old son Arjun. The reason it was so memorable was because it was the first time I saw Nature at its best. At its best means, I actually got to see the wild in action.

I still remember the time I was in the Safari with my son when I first saw a Tiger closely. I saw that tiger stalking the deer for quite a long time and finally hunting it. It was a great display of strategy and courage used by that tiger. Even the Deer didn’t give up easily, he tried his best but a Tiger is a Tiger. The average weight of a Tiger is around 600 pounds so you can assume how heavy it would’ve been on the Deer.


I’ve clicked a lot of things till today but I wasn’t able to click that scene of the hunting. It was brutal and all filled with blood. I wouldn’t say it was a visual treat, anyhow it was a wild experience.

The trip was planned by my very good friend Tania who arranged everything from the stay to the Safari in Ranthambore . She and her husband came along with us in the Jungle and it was a great great experience.

Seven year old Photographer…

So as I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t able to click that picture. Guess who did?
My 7-year old brave son clicked that picture. I may be kind of soft-hearted, but he is tough and I really liked that. I really liked the fact that he is interested in Photography. Aakhir beta Kiska hai?


One of the best moments in the Ranthambore trip was the Scenic sunrise around the lake. Just imagine yourself surrounded by Trees, Animals, Lake and experiencing a Sunrise. It was her most beautiful time of the day, of course, it’s the Golden Hour.

One thing I’d like to suggest the people who wanna go to Ranthambore is, make sure you are very interested in the wild otherwise you will not be able to enjoy it at its best. I’ve seen people who just hop onto the Safari Jeep and during the whole safari, they have a duck face.

Going to this trip was particularly interesting for me because It was just me and my son.
Mommy and her Rockstar! What up!!!”


I hope to go more on such trips because I love traveling. I travel when I’m happy, sad, angry or just lazy because Traveling does not mean going destination to destination, it’s going from the world to your soul.

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Thank you very much Namrata Ma’am for your precious time and sharing your experience with us. We look forward to gathering more of your awesome trips. Thank You!!


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