Odisha : Top Five things from the Cuisine of Love.

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Odisha formerly Orissa, is one of the 29 states of India, located in eastern India. Odisha is known to hold An unbroken history of the unusual people of this land. This state holds assets such as the Konark Temple, Jagannath Puri and the Chillika lake. Other than the places, Foods of Odisha are also the attractions. Odisha is known for its flavors, spices and condiments perfectly blended with authentic ingredients to create what I call “The food of love”.

Amid other traditional cuisines, the flavors of Odisha are a perfect blend of taste and health as they use less oil and are less spicy. Mustard, cumin, fenugreek, aniseed, and kalonji called the Panchphutana. Panchphutana are the five main spices used as an ingredient in most of the dishes of Odisha. Mahaprasad, the greatest of all Prasads is a phenomenal combination of 56 recipes prepared in the famous Jagannath temple in Puri. Here is a glimpse of many unique and authentic delicacies of Odisha.


A nutritious and fuss-free recipe is a common dish in every Odia menu. The yellow color and steamy aroma makes it perfect to be served with steamed rice. It is cooked with mixed vegetables which makes it rich in proteins and minerals. It is one of the main dishes among the 56 dishes of mahaprasad which is cooked at Jagannath temple in Puri.


2.Pakhala Bhaat

What would you prefer to have in a hot summer afternoon? Maybe Ice-cream? Or some chilled Juice? A typical Odia household serves Pakhal bhaat instead. It is basically the rice which is left overnight to get fermented and served the next day. It is tampered with the other ingredients like roasted mustard seeds, cumin, green chilies, ginger, onions, curry leaves with a hint of curd. Pakhal is served with a variety of side dishes which includes “Baingan Ka Bharta” (mashed smoky brinjal with onions, garlic, mustard and red chilies), and “Saag”, Fried spinach. If you are a non-vegetarian, then fish fry and the dry chicken curry will be the perfect combo with Pakhala Bhaat.


3.Chingudi Jholo

It is a spicy prawn gravy popular in the coastal areas and river basins such as Chilika lake in Odisha. The curry is then cooked with a mixture of garam masala and cinnamon, along with tomato and garlic paste which later lends the bright red color of this curry. The smooth watery consistency of this prawn curry makes it one of the most preferred Side dish for steamed rice.


4.Dahi Vada-Aloo Dum

As it is available in every nook and corner of the state, which makes the dish to be most popular street food. Dahi Vada is nothing but Vada soaked in curd with roasted red chilies, cumin, and mustard seeds. With this, Guguni(yellow peas curry) and Aloo dum are served as toppings along with a garnishing of evenly cut onions, coriander leaves and a lot of Sev.. The smoothness of curd coupled with the crisp of Sev makes it an amazing street food recipe.


5.Chenna Poda

The smoky nutty flavored dessert, is one of the most likable sweet dishes of Odisha. Its name stands for burnt cottage cheese and derives its flavor from caramelized sugar. A long process of baking lends the tasty brown color. In the shape of a cheesecake and texture of a pudding, Chenna Poda is not a dish any sweetmeat lover could afford to miss.


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Jagannath Majhi, Food Blogger and Student.

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