Prague : Things to Do on your First Trip.

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Prague, capital of Czech Republic in Europe, is one of the most captivating cities in the world. The city comprises of good old fascinating buildings and castles, with museums all around.
One of the best ways, to begin with, is to get a Prague card which helps you get free entry to a lot of tourist attractions and places in the city.

Starting from one of the most magnificent places here, Prague Castle
Built in around 870(1148 years ago), this is the largest complex castle in the world and thus represents Prague’s age-old architectural beauty. This place covers 45 hectares and the best time to visit is during the noon when guard’s duty is changed. Within the castle, we come across splendid places. One of them being the old royal palace, with its massive structures and beautiful banquets and bigger staircases which were used when the kings entered on horses in the palace.Thus, the Prague castle takes you half a day to complete but is one the most stunning architectures in the world.


Another grand architecture within the castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral. It was made during 1344 and is one of the largest church buildings in the whole of Czech Republic. Its charms you with its intrinsic beauty and it’s grandiose.


Golden lane is also one of those places that’ll leave you fascinated by its beauty of ancient houses. Originally, it was the place where goldsmiths lived and had their shops, which also shows their lifestyle.


The next stopover should be Charles bridge. Walking through this bridge which connects the Prague castle and old town give you most amazing views of the river and city. The swans on the side shore during sunset makes it more divine.


The Old Town is, what the city is all about. Your visit to old town should definitely include the majestic astronomical clock. 600 years old, this clock is one of most amazing treasures of this city. Every hour the two windows open and show up 12 apostles, this show is worth watching and intrigues everyone.


Other places like Jewish Cemetery is more gripping than anything else. It was made at times when Jewish had little land and they buried people one over the other. Stroll around the old town, you come across the Old Times Square. Unlike the hustle bustle of New York time square, this place is calm and has its own historical charm and looks amazing during Christmas.


John Lennon’s wall is also worth seeing. It attracts you with its graffiti and their vibrant color. This wall represents what we call “Real Art and Beauty”.


Another place which should be on your list is Zizkov Tower. Rated as the second ugliest building the world, this place has something unusual that other buildings don’t, which is babies climbing up the wall of this tv tower.


Your tour to Prague will not be complete without an Amazing Beer tour which makes you feel the nightlife here. It takes you to various breweries and cafes and has lots of local beer which is famous around the world.
Prague is just not a city, but an entity of a kind. The city has life and seasons of its own.

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