Here’s why Rio De Janeiro should be on the bucket list of every Traveller.

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Rio De Janeiro….Posibbly the best creation of God.

Rightly named as “Cidade maravilhosa”, this marvelous city stands up to its expectations. The second largest city in Brazil and its state capital, it is known for its most charming beaches and its natural magnificence.

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Be it the Sugarloaf Mountain, which gives you the whole picture of the city. This ride begins from the Praia Vermehlla, from where you will find a cable car service taking you to the Urca mountain. This peak gives you a spectacular view of the Christ statue, Copacabana beach and other parts of the city.

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The second cable car takes you from urca to the Sugarloaf giving you one of the most breathtaking views of the world. Make sure you are there at the time of sunset and get that 360-degree view of the city lined at the Atlantic ocean and its skyline.
The next spot should be Tijuca national park. The worlds largest urban forest park, this place was made into a forest in the 19th century again after years of deforestation for coffee plantations. Open jeep ride in the forest is a one time experience.

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Meeting the Christ…

The forested summit leads you to one of the worlds most amazing destinations. Seven wonders of the world “Christ the Redeemer”.
98 feet tall with its horizontally outstretched arms 92 feet long, this statue was completed in 1931. It is visible from all parts of the city and was made to be dedicated to the princess in Brazil. You can get to the place with escalators and there is a chapel under it where people can get married. Christ the Redeemer looks over at the city and is the most important stopover in Rio.


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When going to Rio de Janerio, beaches are a must. Beginning with the Copacabana, this place was initially a fishing village until the 19th century. One of the most popular beaches in Rio, this place is always filled with tourists and their water sports. Having its bewitching nightlife, with its engaging bars and restaurants, this place always remains open and wondrous to all tourists.
Apart from Copacabana, Ipanema beach is another similar beach to this one, popular among the tourists. For people, who want to relax and not indulge into the hustle bustle of the area, Prainha beach is there on a 52-minute drive from the city and attracts you with the most scenic landscapes.

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Rio de Janerio has something to offer to people of all ages to come and have a blast. From its Lapa neighborhood, known for its buzzing nightlife with its captivating beaches. This place gives you some fond memories. This must definitely be one of the topmost places on your bucket list!!

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