8 Reasons why you need to visit Greece at least once in your lifetime.


Santorini, a place in Greece is often given the title of “Must-visit destination” because there is no other place as remote as this one in the entire universe. When it comes to Greece, I don’t think I can stop rambling. Right, Santorini is the place where you really need to be. Here are the top 10 reasons why all of us deserve a visit to this heaven like the place:



What’s the first thing which strikes our mind every time we plan a trip? The budget, of course. Many of us plan a trip but the biggest concern that startles us is whether the entire cost will fit into our budget plan.

If anyone of you has ever visited Greece, you must be aware that this place worth a million bucks is too pocket-friendly. Surprisingly, the expenses of staying in Santorini is not as challenging as people assume it is. As far as the living expenses are concerned, Greece comprises of the most luxurious hotels but there are uncountable hostels which are pretty cheap, about 20€ per night.

The food available in these hostels is also good but who doesn’t like the mouth-watering street food!! From souvlaki to the delicious pies, from 1€ to 3€ only.

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When it comes to talking about beauty, who can forget the beautiful Santorini beaches! This is for all the party lovers, beaches like Perissa and Perivolos are the right places for you. They are essentially one long party beach spots with buckets of Mythos beer under the shady sunny day but less of DJs and dance parties.


There is a lot of available parking space and it’s a quick flat walk to the sand. People usually hate crowded places but one would always love to go there for a break from work or anything. What better than lying on a sunbed and waking up to devour the Greek salad and some wine!

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Since the specialty of food has been mentioned in bits and pieces until now, let’s have some more details about the blissful Greek cuisine. Kopania, Melitinia, Apochti, and Capers are all traditional dishes of Greece.


Majority of the Greek people consume the dishes listed above with Assyrtiko wine, which is a local variety. The place is an island and hence it has ample supply of seafood and fresh fish. If you’d like to taste the best dishes on the island, visit the top 3 restaurants in Santorini.


Who can ever keep shopping out of the picture when we talk about any foreign destination. Definitely, Greece tops my list. Sure there are many expensive shops selling expensive ornamental jewelry and antiques. But there are thousands of other shops where people can shop conveniently. Shops like Atlantis Books, Epilekton and Tzamia are considered good places for shopping.

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What enhances the beauty of the country, even more, is their people. The people of Santorini are as friendly as they come. It can be said that tourism contributes a lot to the majority of their incomes but their kindness is undoubtedly sincere.


One thing I have always seen people bragging about is the fact that nobody can ever be bored of Greece’s splendor. Even if that happens, one can always hop their way back to happiness. The infamous of the party of Mykonos or Iox, Milos or Naxos is always there for something different!



Santorini is the right place for any budding or aspiring photographer. There are many spots giving the perfect view of an ideal picture. The old Castle in the sunset is an excellent place to watch the sunset since you get to see the sunset from the whole city. Greece would make you look like an absolute pro by providing you with landscapes you’d never discover!!



A country is always incomplete without its rich culture and history. Let’s just say that apart from its glory in photography, surroundings, shopping, food and etc, Greece definitely makes a remark in its history too!

The tiny island of Santorini has an incredible array of well-preserved remnants of the old days. It comprises of enough history to keep you all occupied for enough days, from the city of Akrotiri which was buried under the volcanic ashes during the explosion in the 17th century to the magnificent site of the Ancient Thera.

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From all the above points, anyone of you can believe that Greece definitely has its own charm. Places like Athens can probably never be forgotten when one mentions Greece. Surely deserves a visit!!

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