Solo Travel Vs Group Travel : What suits you best?

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Solo travel or group travel? Travelling is known to be in comfort or else why travel. Most people find it good to travel in a group while some prefer traveling solo. Both of these types are good according to what do you desire. For a person looking for adventure, group travel is best while for a person looking for peace, solo travel suits best. Anyhow, it’s my job to enlighten you about both of them so let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages:
Solo Travel Vs. Group Travel.


Solo traveling allows you to be free and you can make a stopover anywhere you like to click photographs or just rest. There’d be nobody to question you or stop you from doing what you want. You are free when you are alone. Group travel doesn’t allow one to be that free yet its fun to be with a group of people. If you are looking for some time to click photos of the destinations that you see en route, then Group travel might or might not be good. It might be good if its a group of photographers or travel journalist as we need photos. But it might not be good if they are just regular tourists.

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A sense of Security

This is one of the major concerns when it comes to Solo travel. When you travel solo, you are completely on your own and there is no one to take responsibility for any calamity or accident or a theft. Traveling solo to places you don’t even know about can be a bit risky and can put your life and luggage at a great risk. Traveling with a group provides optimum security backed up by other people in the group. When you all are together, there are relatively fewer chances of any theft or anything uncertain to happen.

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Solo traveling may increase the cost of accommodation as it is only one person staying at a place. When you are only one, you have the pay the complete rent of that place but when you are with a group, you split the costs. This is also beneficial when booking Taxis or cabs so you all can split your costs. So overall, group travel will cost you less and if going through a travel agency( I don’t prefer it), you only have to pay once.

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Traveling solo is definitely gonna increase the stress because you have to manage everything on your own, the tickets, the accommodation, the food. But when you travel with a group, the stress is shared across many brains and the tasks can be divided such as one can manage the tickets, one can manage the food etc.

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Culture and Traditions

Group travel allows you mix with different cultures and know different people and it’s often good because sometimes you bring back a family, not just memories. Even if you are traveling solo, you can take advantage of this opportunity by staying at shared places such as hostels or Airbnb Homes. When I travel solo, I always prefer hostels or Airbnb and believe it or not, I bring back a lot of memories, friends and those friends are like family.

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Instant Support

No matter whatever happens, if you have people with you, you will have instant support. Whether you need to get your pictures clicked or need someone to help you pitch your tents, a group would be good. Traveling solo ensures no support, anyhow you can take the help of the locals, but taking help from strangers might also not be a good idea.

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Memories or Stories

When you travel alone, you find stories but when you travel with a group, you make memories. They are both different things and it depends on you what do you seek. If you are looking for a story or you are a writer, traveling alone is a blessing. But if you wanna make some good memories to cherish your entire lifetime, travel with a group, especially your best friends. Also, Read How to be a Travel Blogger.

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Tourist or Traveller

This one is tricky. Who are you? Tourist or a traveler? Tourists prefer traveling in groups because they don’t wanna take responsibilities and just wanna enjoy the vacation as a leisure activity. But a traveler always looks for responsibilities and adventure during his trip. For a traveler, a journey is never a stress but for a Tourist, even a small vacation can mean stress.

Choice of Destinations

Traveling alone means you can choose wherever you wanna travel to and there’d be no one to question you. Traveling in a group means the majority wins, if you wanna go to Manali and the rest of the group wants to explore Rajasthan, there’s no way you are winning this.

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Not finding Dory, but finding peace

Traveling solo has one biggest advantage and that is that you can escape the chaotic world and immerse in yourself while exploring your own soul. When you travel alone, you find yourself as you get to spend more time with yourself ALONE! If you are living a very unorganized and a boring life, you need to take a solo trip. And if it is solo, Do visit Ladakh, the quietest place in India. Read this: The Ultimate Guide to Ladakh.alt="solo travel or group travel"


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By: Anubhav Bhatt, Travel Blogger.

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