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Hola ! Traveller.

This is Anubhav Bhatt, your Travel Buddy.


Anubhav Bhatt, naam toh suna hi hoga….

I’m a Travel Blogger by passion and I love sharing my experiences and ideas with people of similar interest: Travel.  As you would’ve already figured out, I travel a lot. The reason I travel a lot if because I believe the people you meet create the paradise you find. I love meeting new people, getting into their culture and sharing mine, learning new languages and living different lives.

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This is me doing a fake pose. I look good. Right?

What Do I do?

I’m a student at GITAM University pursuing a Bachelor in Business Management(BBA) Degree. Yes, a degree. I hate it but I have to do it  : Just INDIAN SOCIETY Things . LOL!! Other than this, I’m a freelance Photographer covering Nature , street and perspective pictures.

Why did I start this blog?

I’ve been to a lot of trips and literally, I have a lot to share. So much that If I post everyday on a regular basis, I would have to post my entire lifetime to share the experiences that my mind and body hold . Above all, I want to provide clear and real content about travel, food and lifestyle to my dear readers so that they are not lost and are always on the right track.


Let’s Talk.

Mail me for a collab or writing an article. Thank You.

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