Top 10 Travel hacks to save BIG on your next trip.

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Travelling is one of the most beautiful things you can do when you get a day off or a weekend or even a month. But, most people avoid travelling as they consider it really expensive. Well, travelling is expensive and I don’t deny that but we also have things called the HACKS that help us reduce the cost by a large number. Today, I’m gonna share some of the best travel hacks with you to help you save large bucks.
Here’s a list of my best travel hacks:

1. Frequent Flyer Subscription

Some Airlines, in fact, most of the airlines offer special services like a nice lounge room, complimentary meals and best seating for their frequent flyers. So if you are a frequent flyer, I insist you get this subscription from your regular airline.

2. Cheap but Best accommodation: Airbnb

Accommodation forms the largest part of your travel budget and it has to be reduced. What I do to reduce this is that I get a place through Airbnb. Airbnb is a quick-service accommodation booking site that helps you book rooms with fellow other travellers in the same house. This way, you share the rent of that place. Airbnb can be really good if you are on a long trip.

3. Plan your own trip

This is perhaps the best way to save some big bucks. When it comes to best travel hacks, this is the king of hacks. When you plan your own trip, you exactly know where to go, where to stay and what is that you are gonna do. When I travel, I spend at least 3 days researching about that place and modes of transport and make up a plan. That plan helps me a lot during my journey because I know what I’m supposed to do.

4. Avoid Card Payments

Best travel hacks mean actually the best and using an ATM during your journey is not one of the best ideas. We don’t realize but our Banks charge a small fee on our Non-Home transactions and if adding all that up, those small fees turn out to be a big amount. What to do here? Keep most of your cash in your ATM, nothing wrong but keep an abundant amount of cash in hand so you can use it wherever you like. Plus, when using cards, you don’t know whether you are gonna find an ATM anywhere near that location or not. Even if you find one, what if it doesn’t work.

5. Clear your cookies.

Now, this is one of the best travel hacks if you are booking your tickets. Whether flight, train or bus tickets, sometimes when the websites know that you are desperately looking for a flight or train, they increase their prices. When you clear your cookies, there is no evidence that you ever needed a flight or a train, so the websites treat you as a first-time user.

6. Use Comparative Sites

When booking your tickets, one of the best things to do is to choose a comparison site that can compare between two flights or hotels or whatever that you need. For hotels, you can check and for flights, go for Google flights. This allows you to find some hidden fishes in the sea.

7. Avoid a Tour Guide

Tour guides cost a lot and it is always better to avoid them because most of the times, they don’t even have clear information about a site. What to do? You can hire one of our Professional Travel Guides for your entire trip by contacting our BunkTravel Support Portal. It is free and our travel guide works for you 24/7.

8. Use cashback sites.

Some sites like, or provide cashbacks for flight bookings and hotel bookings. Out of my personal experiences, I have always booked flights through and have always got INR 1000+ of cashback everytime. It feels good when you get your money back. Really!!

9. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is when you land on someone’s couch, meaning you stay with someone either by their choice to host you or by paying a small fee(Smaller than you can think). Couchsurfing lets you meet more people from different cultures and exchange values.

10. Two Vacations for the price of one.

This is my personal favorite when it comes to best travel hacks. How do you think travellers tour the entire world at such a small cost? They book their flights in a slightly different way. They book connecting flights that help them have around 5-7 hours in between to explore that city.
Let’s say I’m going to New Delhi, If I take a connecting flight, it will have a stopover at Mumbai for about 9 hours. So for those 9 hours, I can explore Mumbai and this way I can have two vacations for the price of one. Here are some other ways to Travel on a shoestring budget.

So these were my favorite travel hacks, what are yours? Tell us in the Comments.



Anubhav Bhatt, Travel Blogger

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