Write while you Travel : The Ultimate Guide to Travel Blogging

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Writing is one of the best things you can do while traveling. It’s like preparing your own travelogue to share with your friends or family later. I write a lot when I travel and I have to say, it feels awesome when I read it later because all those memories, views and actual images of those places come in front of my eyes as I keep on reading. Travel blogging originated from my desire to write while I travel.

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Anyhow, it can also be tough writing while traveling because of all the distractions and tiredness of traveling all day. I know you are thinking “Maybe I should use my phone to write about my Journeys”

NO!!! Never use any technology to write about your Journeys.Travelling is Nature…it is natural and natural things don’t need technology to describe them. Here’s how you can write while you travel.

1.One Notebook. That’s it!

One small handy notebook is more than enough for you to write about your journey. I always carry a handy notebook or should I say my diary with me to write down everything I see. The best thing about carrying a handy notebook with you is that you can look into it anytime you want. It is portable, it is inexpensive and it feels good in a traveler’s hand. Plus Travel blogging is not only about taking up your laptop and uploading content but also about actually living it naturally.

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One notebook is enough to cover up everything you see.

2. Writing content that is relevant. Travel blogging the right way!

Relevancy is important. The big mistake writers do while traveling is that they write everything(literally everything) they see or hear.

This is not always good as it clutters up your notebook and makes it look confusing. To Avoid this, I usually write poems when I travel as my poems describe the whole place in 4-8 lines.

Remember guys, Travel blogging is not about just writing about travel, but also about making your readers experience it to their heart.

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If its good, people will love it.

Its ok if you’re not a poet, but that doesn’t mean you cant shorten the writings. Here’s an example by BILL and JOSH.
Bill and Josh are both travel writers, here’s how their writings are very different.

BILL – I’m seeing the highest mountain in this region touching the blue sky while passing through the clouds, it is as magical as I’m describing it.

JOSH – There is a mountain in front of me, it is known as the highest mountain of this region. It is 17500ft and I can see it passing through the clouds and touching the clear blue sky. It feels amazing to see this beauty of nature and it is magical.

Did you see the difference? Exactly. The words of Bill describe the whole place in a short but descriptive format whereas Josh is describing it as a bookish article. That’s the difference. Who you think would do some good travel blogging? I guess its Bill.

3.The right use of words for the right description.

I’ve often seen travel bloggers using words like beautiful, amazing and magical. Move on people, there’s an entire dictionary waiting for you with words that are more beautiful and magical than them.

It is always beneficial to look for synonyms when writing such descriptive words as your words are gonna put your reader into their imaginary world.

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Good choice of words speak a lot.

Most of the travel blogging community would agree on this because if your reader can’t experience the place, then there’s no point writing about it.
Here’s another example of Bill and Josh.

BILL – The valley is full of blossomed flowers slowly dancing to the winds and creating an aura of peace.

JOSH – The valley is very beautiful and almost feels magical. There are flowers that are dancing because of wind and are also making me feel like I’m at a state of peace.

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4. To write in the day or at night.

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions when it comes to travel writing and I have the answer to this. We usually travel during the day. Right?

So writing at that time can get a little tough but If we decide to write at night, it can get tougher as we are already tired by our trip the whole day. So what’s best? Day or Night?

The answer is day or night anytime when you have that place in front of your eyes. One of the key things in travel writing is writing when you feel the aura of that place.

To me, travel blogging is about writing it on the spot wherever I am while also clicking pictures with my cam.

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If you are going to the Himalayas and you write when you return back home, it isn’t gonna be as effective as it would be if you would’ve written about it right there when those magnificent mountains were in front of you.

5. What to do with those writings.

Well, most people don’t use their writings to share their experiences with the world but I definitely think you should as it feels amazing when you do it. It is a lovely feeling when you see someone imagining your entire story while you recite it.
Here’s what you can do with them:
-Recite it for people in open events.
-Write blogs about it by starting your own travel blog and going on with travel blogging. Its soo much fun!!

Wanna start your own blog now?

Here’s a link to a website that has helped me start this blog and will help you start yours.

Check this out How to start a Blog

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