Top 10 Travel Essentials for a Perfect Trip.

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Alright, we all love to travel.Right? Well, thats why you’re here.
Travelling is fun and for people like me, its life. We, travelers, are very different from every day 9-5 people because, for us, even a desert can be a great scenery. We don’t look for comfort, we look for places. We don’t just see, we experience places. We don’t just read history, we see it right in front of our eyes. Today I bring you the travel essentials that I recommend for every traveler out there. Now I understand we travelers don’t really plan our trips, we are driven by wanderlust and when it strikes, we just wanna travel. So keep these travel essentials with you always to avoid any problems further.

A good rucksack:

A home is a house if there is no one to live in there, similarly, a traveler is incomplete without his backpack or rucksack. Now the basic difference between a backpack and a rucksack is that a backpack is generally smaller in size while a rucksack is a little larger in size. Backpacks are good for short trips(1-2 days) while rucksacks are good for longer trips(3-30 days depending on how you pack). The rucksack that I use and call my best friend is the Amazonbasics 55L rucksack. It is strong, sturdy and above all, comfortable. It is very light and it feels amazing to have it on your back.

Buy it here : AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with Rainfly

This is a Must-have.

Strong and long-lasting shoes:

How can I not put this in my Travel Essentials. The shoes that you wear decide how far can you travel to. Good shoes are the ones that are lightweight, comfortable, strong and fitting. Your shoes can make or break your entire trip because if they are not comfortable, you will not be able to travel while wearing them. The shoes that I wear on my long-journey trips are Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Boots.

Buy it here : Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

Face Towel:

Travelling under the sun can be really tiring which in turn makes you all sweaty. Now, to avoid that sweat or at least minimize it, you will definitely need a face towel. One towel is enough for an entire trip depending on how you use it. The cheapest you can get in the market is by Solimo 12 piece set, which is the one I use.

Buy it here : Solimo Face Towels

Water Bottle:

This doesn’t come in Travel Essentials but a Human Essential. Although these days we find water bottles or packaged drinking water almost anywhere at a minimal cost. But if we add up that cost, it is really making an impact on your pocket. Let’s see:
1 day = 2 bottles = Rs.40
A trip for 10 days would come to 400. Now for a backpacker like me, who only has plenty of cash in his pocket, 400 is a lot. So what to do?
Instead of buying new bottles every day, get one strong bottle that will work out for a few years. One good bottle would only cost from Rs.100-300 and will work out good for you. I use a Portable notebook bottle which is easy to carry.

Buy it here : Portable Notebook Water Bottle

Universal Charger:

At our homes, we are comfortable with the normal electric sockets for charging our phones/cameras/laptops etc but when on a trip, you never know what kinds of sockets are used in that particular place. So to avoid such a situation, carry a universal charger with you. It is cheap, it is trusted and it will work out anywhere no matter what part of the world you are in.
One charger that I would suggest is SecRo Universal, it is lightweight, portable(ofcourse!) and is affordable.

Buy it here : SecRo Universal

Headphones :

Aaah…probably the most important travel essential in this list. Headphones…plug them in and disconnect from people. Put up your favorite playlist and go on with the wind. I love headphones and I don’t travel without them, because for longer trips especially road trips, songs are a must. For an Indian like me, If I don’t play “Dil Chahta Hai” song on a loop while on a road trip, I’m not an Indian. I personally use JBL’s On-Ear Headphones.

Buy it here : JBL C300SI 0n-Ear


Travelling is fun but this is not the case with the sun. Sun can literally burn your skin and to prevent it, I recommend getting a good sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents your skin from the harmful rays of the sun while also moisturizes it enough to survive the pollution all day long. When I go on trips, I use the one offered by Lotus Herbals.

Buy it here: Lotus Herbals Safe fun SPF 50

Travel Wallet:

Who knows when you might lose your bag with all your travel documents in it. To prevent this from happening, get a portable document holder which can hold all your documents, credit cards and other important things for the Journey. My such situations, I have my Swiss Military Travel Wallet.

Buy it here: Swiss Military Black Travel Wallet

Contact Book:

You might even lose your phone on the way and as we all know that these days we don’t really remember anybody’s contact. So to prevent this from happening, always carry a small contact book with all essential contacts like your family, friends or any local authorities to help you if anything goes wrong. I use the one by Amazonbasics, it has 240 pages and not only for contacts but I also use it to write some poetry.

Buy it here: Amazonbasics Classic Notebook

Power Bank:

You have the energy to travel all day long but your phone doesn’t. To prevent your phone from running out of battery, always carry a Power Bank. It costs very less and can charge your device 2-3 times depending on the size of the Power Bank. This is the most important thing in my Travel Essentials list.

Buy it here: Intex 11000mAH

So these were my favorite travel essentials that I carry on every trip. What are yours? Tell us in comments.

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Anubhav Bhatt, Travel Blogger and Entrepreneur.

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