What is Ultralight Camping and Why are Backpackers crazy about it.

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As a backpacker, you should definitely know about ultralight camping.  So what is ultralight camping ? And how does it related to camping anyway? You might have been camping since a long time but if you have never tried Ultralight camping, you need to read this article. I have seen a lot of people carry bulks of luggage on their back and never liked it. Anyhow, coming to Ultralight camping.

I have the answers to all of your questions. Lets Start!

What is Ultralight Camping?

Ultralight camping is a type of solo camping where a person doesn’t carry a lot on his back and goes for camping being as lightweight as possible.

The Ultralight camping usually takes only one rucksack and everything inside that rucksack comes in the Ultralight package. This kind of camping has been in this world since a very long time as people of early ages, when they used to go from one place to another, if they were solo, they always preferred only one package for everything. That is one bag for everything one needs.

Why is it very famous among backpackers?

Ultralight camping again is coming up like a trend as more and more backpackers are finding it easy and cheaper to use.

All you need is a rucksack and you are done. Backpackers tend to travel a lot on a shoestring budget and for someone on a budget and restricted by physical ability, Ultralight camping works like magic.

One rucksack means there’s not a lot of weight that you have to carry. It will be light and it will be much easier for one to move around.

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How to pack for an Ultralight camp?

This is the major part of ultralight camping as if you cant pack all your stuff in one rucksack, it is gonna be a problem. Most of the people fail at packing and that is why they end up carrying loads of luggage on their pack for an entire trip.
Here’s an Ultimate Guide to packing.

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Places to choose for an Ultralight camp?

As you are running ultralight, that means you might not be carrying a lot of regular needs with you including handy food, some snacks, and toiletries. So you need to make sure you put up a camp somewhere around a place that has access to basic needs.

A camp under 4-5 km of a village/town can be considered good. If you are thinking of further moving into the wild, you need to carry food items with you.

The best idea is to get mixed up with the cultures and locals of that place and recieve any kind of immediate support.

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What do I need for an Ultralight camp?

Well, the first ones include a camp, that’s obvious, a rucksack, how can you plan your camp without it. Anyhow, it’s a long list and you can take help from this article below.

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How can Ultralight camping be cheap and great at the same time?

It can be great because you don’t have a lot of luggage that is restricting you from moving places to places. It can be cheap at the same time because you don’t buy expensive travel essentials and just go with the flow. Always remember, when traveling, the more you carry on your back, the less likely you are to enjoy the tour.

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