13 Reasons why you need to visit Visakhapatnam : The Coastal gem of Andhra

Imagine if you could experience the best of culture and beauty next to the Bay of Bengal?
Yes I’m talking about Visakhapatnam, the coastal gem of Andhra Pradesh.

Visakhapatnam has never been in too much of spotlight which is one of the reasons why you will not find a lot of tourists here compared to other places.

What makes Visakhapatnam a special place to be is its location. It is sandwiched between the Bay of Bengal and the Eastern Ghats.

One side you see an endless sea and on the other side, you see the mountains beautiful enough to inspire you to trek.

Today, I’m gonna share with you 13 reasons why you need to visit Visakhapatnam.

  1. For the love of Food

Visakhapatnam now houses restaurants with almost every cuisine to offer. Restaurants like Mekong and Ming garden are best for Chinese while Paradise Restaurant is great for a Mughal Biryani.

Vizagites are straight-up food lovers and believe me, the food festivals here are awesome.

In case you wanna experience the real taste of Visakhapatnam that is the South Indian Cuisine, the Sairam parlour is here for your rescue. You can find at least 2-3 restaurants in every Square Kilometre of the city with unique food to offer. Restaurants in Vizag are just Ummmm…..

2. For the love of Roadtrips

Luckily, Visakhapatnam is one of the cities that has best roads to offer. The roads in Visakhapatnam are smooth and are well-covered in Google Maps too. Vizagites love to go on short road trips at night, most of those roads are aligned next to the sea so you will not miss a view. Some of the popular routes that people take in Visakhapatnam are to Araku, or to Bheemili or just the Beach Road is enough.

Distance between Visakhapatnam and Araku is just about 114kms with a stunning scenery to offer.

The Marine drive that leads to Bheemili offers the best scenery to witness with Sea on one side and mountains on the other.

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You can rent a Bike from Jagoo Riders or some other bike rental company and experience the best road trip of your life.

Another alternative to this is thread that leads to Lambasingi, one of my dearest places to visit.

3. For the love of Beaches

Beaches in Visakhapatnam are just extraordinary. I’ve been living in Visakhapatnam for almost five years now and I go to the beach everyday and never have I felt bored from it. The reason is Visakhapatnam has so many beaches to offer that for seven days, you can visit seven different beaches. Isn’t that Awesome?

The seven Beaches include the RK Beach, Rushikonda beach, Bheemili Beach, Appikonda Beach, Yarada Beach, Sagarnagar Beach and Tenneti Park Beach.

Every beach has its own purpose.

4. For the love of Scenery

There is a reason Visakhapatnam is called the Coastal Gem of Andhra and the reason is the beautiful scenery you get to witness around you. If you watch news, you might already know that Visakhapatnam is one of the cleanest cities in India and hear it from me, it is also the prettiest.

From Beaches to Mountains to the blessings of Nature at the Kailashgiri Hill, Visakhapatnam has everything.

If you like Animals, try visiting the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park or the Kambalakonda Wildlife sanctuary. If you wanna spend time with your loved ones, head to the Beaches I listed above. If you wanna trek, there are a lot of mountains around.

5. For the love of Spirituality

Visakhapatnam is one of the most secular and spiritual cities of India with Temples and Churches and Mosques with no discrimination or hate at all. You can visit the Mighty Simhachalam Temple dating back to thousand of years or you can visit the beautiful churches in Old Vizag. People here live with equality and love for each other’s religions and nobody, I repeat nobody ever fights about it.

6. For the love of Adventure

Adventure sports in Visakhapatnam are a lot in number. From GoKarting to Kayaking to Paragliding, Visakhapatnam has almost all kinds of adventure sports.

Adventure sports in Visakhapatnam are priced at a relatively lower cost so its good for your pocket as well as your mind.

I’m personally a fan of GoKarting and Kayaking because both of those involve very close proximity to adventure and you gotta try them too. Places where you can find adventure sports in Vizag are:

GoKarting – On the way to Bheemili 

Rushikonda Beach – Rushikonda

7. For the love of Humanity

Visakhapatnam has a lot of public service wings including the pet care wings, depression treatment wings by Ashraya, Social change marathons and other social works. If you are the kind of person who likes to be a part of social activities, Visakhapatnam is the place for you.

Visakhapatnam organises a lot of social activities including Marathons, citywide walk, clean city programs, save the pets etc.

Discover your inner self while you help the others raise up in life.

8. For the love of Shopping

Yay! If you are a girl, I can sense the smile on your face just got wider. Visakhapatnam has a lot, literally a lot of options to go shopping. With 4 Major Malls including the Central Mall ,CMR Central mall and the Shoppers stop , Visakhapatnam also has an entire road just for shopping popularly known as the VIP Road.

VIP Road has some pretty big brands existing in it ranging from footwear to clothing to technology to even groceries at Spencers. Vizagites love to shop and it is very very rare that you’ll ever see a mall empty.

9. For the love of Entertainment

Multiplexes, Reality-Gaming and 5D VR Booths. Sound Good? Because it is.

Visakhapatnam has a lot of multiplexes including INOX, Mukta’s and Jagadamba Complex, the most popular among vizagites.

Visakhapatnam has come up with interesting ways to game including the reality-gaming you can find in CMR Central Mall. Other than this, Visakhapatnam also offers 5D Virtual-Reality booths for you to experience the other world, the virtual world.

Kids especially between the age of 7 to 14 love the 5D VR’s as it also has options such as the Rollercoaster, the car ride etc.

10. For the love of Coffee

How can I miss this? Coffee is my most-favorite beverage after Tea and I take all my decisions over a cup of coffee. In fact, when I first started this blog, I started this in Café Coffee Day over a cup of coffee. It was when I decided I need to share my writings with the World and thanks to all of you who loved it and appreciated it.

So coming back to the point, Visakhapatnam houses one the best coffee shops you can imagine.

My favorite choices include:

  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • The CoffeeWave
  • Pastry, Coffee and Conversations
  • Barista and GITAM university Coffee booth.

11. For the love of Hill Stations

Visakhapatnam has two of my favorite hill stations within the range of 100kms namely Araku Valley and Lambasingi.

Araku Valley, as the name suggests is a valley based at quite an elevation on the eastern ghats and is known for its calm weather and coffee plantations.

Lambasingi is the most unexplored yet the most beautiful hill station you can find in Andhra Pradesh. Lambasingi is a treasure land for someone looking to find peace and connect with the Nature. I travel to Lambasingi almost every month for 2-3 days to find some time for myself.

12. For the love of Culture

One very precious treasure that Visakhapatnam holds is its culture. The people of Vizag are modern but they still didn’t forget their roots.

They follow their culture with utmost devotion and always try to do something new related to it. The festivals such as Pongal in Visakhapatnam is something you should not miss if you wanna experience the true South Indian culture.

13. For the love of Exploration

This is the final and the most important reason I could think of as nothing is as exciting as exploring something. I’ve seen people who’ve been living in a city for years and yet they have not explored even a percentage of that city.

Visakhapatnam has a lot of places, a lot of stories and a lot of culture to explore.

Once you start exploring, there’s no way you are gonna stop because it is so addictive. I’ve been living in Vizag for 5 years now and I still feel there’s something left to explore and that curiosity builds up the energy in me to go out and explore.

So overall, these thirteen reasons why are enough to prove to you why I love Visakhapatnam and why you’ll love it too.

Hope you liked the article.

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Anubhav Bhatt, Travel Blogger

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