When Technology meets Traveling, Xoxo takes birth.

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Hola Guys!

How are you all doing? Today I’m back with something every traveler has demanded today in the world of Technology.

XoXo Tours is a unique travelers’ social network exclusively designed to connect travelers with locals or other travelers and to help you find your travel mate.

Excited? Sure you are.

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It was one day when I was browsing through Google searching for something interesting, so just randomly, I typed “Travel Social Network”, I got XoXo Tours as a result.

XoXo Tours is by far the best social network for travelers allowing you to do whatever you want including:

  • Connect to different travelers from across the globe.
  • Couchsurf or join them on a tour.
  • Make plans together.
  • Date a Traveler
  • Hangout with travelers at your preferred locations and more.
  • To be accurate to details, the website of Xoxostates;

“With XOXO Tours, meet people around the globe with similar travel interests & make your vacation or trip more fun, exciting and unforgettable. Wherever you are going, you can meet cool & friendly locals who may help you to feel & see the insights about the place and help you explore better. Shop, eat, go out, date & explore the place better with your new travel buddy.”

Isn’t it amazing? You can finally date someone who loves traveling just as you do. You can make friends, go out to shopping and do a lot of things with people of similar interest.

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Wait, there’s more.

Here are 10 reasons why XOXO is perfect for every traveler around the globe.

  1. You can build you custom profile just the way you want.
  2. You can show your interests by choosing them.
  3. You can share your travel plans with the world.
  4. You can add people to favorites.
  5. You can text them and make plans
  6. You can create trips and receive meeting requests from locals.
  7. You can see who’s coming to your city and when.
  8. You can put in your preferred activities such as food tours, sightseeing etc.
  9. You can keep a track of all the places you’ve been to so far including Countries.
  10. You can know your travel buddy before actually traveling with them.

alt="anubhav bhatt xoxo tours"So these were the reasons why I PREFER Xoxo Tours.

Why don’t you go check it out yourself?

And believe me on this guys, Xoxo is amazing


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